Thursday, July 10, 2008

Consulting business

Recently I decided to advertise RF and Antenna Consulting from my home in Bend, Oregon. There are many Antenna users in Central Oregon including the telecommunications providers, aircraft, and cell phones. One thing we're famous for in Central Oregon is lousy reception and that is largely do to the limited tower locations, crowded bands, and geographical situation.

Many or the providers of Internet service in the area are non-technical. I hope to provide a source of good technical advice and perhaps to become the consulting engineer to several competitors, so I will have access to information which could help avoid possible conflicts on the towers.

I have designed test antennas for SprintPCS and tested them on their outdoor test range in Kansas. I have performed field microwave radio tests that taught me a lot about reflections and call drop out. I was the Chief Engineer of Rangestar Antennas at the time.

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